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Where can I sign up for an account? 
You can sign up for an account here. 

Simply fill in your personal information and register as one of our member for easy access to your recent purchases!

Why should I sign up for an account? 
- Greater ease of tracking your Samaire Products
- The portal stores all your product information and a copy of your receipt 
- Hassle-free request for your servicing

An account allows for greater ease for product warranty registration. Once an account has been created, and warranty has been submitted through our portal, you can easily request to service your ceiling fan without having to look for your receipt/warranty card as your record have been saved in the system.
Is my personal information kept private? 
Yes. All customer information personal information will be respected and treated with confidentiality. You may refer to the Privacy Policy for more information.

How can I change/update my personal information? 
Upon logging in to your account, you may review and change your data by selecting "Edit" in the Overview page. 
What does the warranty cover? 
For all Samaire products, the warranty period for its ceiling fan is 12 months from the date of purchase.

Samaire's Ceiling Fans have two types of warranty. A General Warranty that covers 12 months of on-site warranty for all internal parts at the premises it was first installed. Motor Warranty covers the motor of all Samaire ceiling fan for its lifetime of usage at its first installed premise. (Except for SA325, 4242 & 5252 as of June 2020) 

Samaire's Air Circulator Fan has a General Warranty that covers 12 months of on-site warranty & a Motor Warranty that covers the Air Circulator's motor for 3 years.

Samaire's Water Heater has two types of warranty. A General Warranty that covers 12 months of on-site warranty for all internal parts at the premises it was first installed. Heating Element Warranty covers the heating element within the heater for up to 5 years.

Labour and transportation charges apply once the warranty date expires. 

Please call the service hotline at +65 6846 7737 to find out more.
Under what conditions will the warranty end? 
Warranty for all Samaire Products will end when: 
i) Product has been relocated to another premise
ii) Product has been exported out of Singapore


Under what conditions will the warranty be deemed invalid/ void? 
Warranty for all Samaire Products will be considered void when the product has been tampered, altered, modified, misused or mishandled.
Other conditions include damage caused by unsuitable wiring, incorrect voltage and fluctuations or interruptions in the electrical power supply.
Damage caused by natural/external factors such as fire, lightning strike or flood, etc. Equipment connected to other make or brand will affect the warranty as well.
What if the warranty card has been misplaced?
If the warranty card is misplaced, an original copy of the receipt will have to be presented at the time of servicing for the warranty to be valid. 


What is not being covered under the lifetime warranty of the motor? 
Transport and labour fees are chargeable after the first 12 months, in which the General Warranty would have expired.